The idea for FIREQUIPMENT.COM was born from the need to research how many different manufacturers there are for one product. While there are many Fire Equipment companies, they are usually a sole distributor for one manufacturer for that product.

FIREQUIPMENT.COM does not sell equipment nor does it endorse any products. It is only to inform the Fire Service Personnel that there are X number of people who make trucks, hose, clothing, red lights, etc.

It is then the responsibility of the person doing the research to contact all or some of the manufacturers and select the best products for that Fire Department needs. If that fire person does not know you exist, or know your name; how can they review your product? (If they can't find you, they can't buy from you).

FIREQUIPMENT.COM is a quick & organized index. Within 4-5 clicks of the mouse they can be on your web page and just moments ago they did not even know you existed. If you do know a manufacturer, is there anybody else who might make it better for less money. Check!!!


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